Why Kids Should Start Playing Poker

Attending school gives your children the education that they need to help them find a great job in the future. With the writing and arithmetic skills that they will acquire, it is an incredibly academic experience. For parents that are interested in teaching their children how to be street-savvy and develop common sense, poker is an incredibly useful tool that you can use to your advantage. There are an array of benefits associated with adults playing poker, but there are also advantages for children.
Bonding with Family
As children grow older, it is imperative that they are aware of the love that their family has for them and that they can effectively communicate with each other. Hosting a weekly poker night with the family is a great way to talk to one another and catch up on everyone’s day. Not to mention that it is also a fun activity that everyone will be looking forward to at the end of the week.
Improving Memory
The brain is one of the most important muscles that we have and therefore, it is important that we take the steps to work it in order to make it stronger. In poker, players are required to remember what cards they have, try to figure out what cards other players have, and remember how other people have played their hands in the past. This helps to improve your child’s memory.
Understanding Risks
There is always the need for a pot when you are playing poker. With children, you may want to consider using their favorite snack such as Goldfish or apple slices. They will need to learn the value of these elements (much like the value of money) when they are playing, otherwise they will be left with nothing. Children need to develop an understanding of risks so they can continue to remember consequences throughout their lifetime to make sure that they make the best decisions.
Developing Money Management Skills
If you feel comfortable with playing with money, consider giving your child $5.00 to play with every poker night. Let them know that this is the only amount of money that they will receive and they have to make it last for the entire game. You will begin to notice that you child will put smaller bets only when necessary and raise if they find that their hand would beat everyone else at the table. Money management skills are necessary for success in their future.

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