Orange Commands 1.5, the CS5 release

Hi there,

with the release of Fireworks CS5, some commands needed tweaking. Orange Commands 1.5 brings CS5 compatibility, some bug fixes, and a new command: Safe Flatten.

Safe Flatten (in the Commands » Effects menu) duplicates the current selection, flattens it, and hides the original. Fireworks is known to distort your symbols when they have complex vectors, something that kills their appearance when they are supposed to be pixel-perfect. This command fixes that problem.

Get 1.5 from the Downloads section!

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2 Responses to Orange Commands 1.5, the CS5 release

  1. mark foley says:

    Greate effort! A handy bunch of tools they are… :)

  2. mark foley says:

    ‘Great’ I meant. ‘Greate’ is from a more cosmopolitan dialect of English… :)

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