Sneak Peek: Export as CSS3 for Adobe Fireworks

A small preview of something I’m working on…

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16 Responses to Sneak Peek: Export as CSS3 for Adobe Fireworks

  1. pojitonov says:

    I hot waiting this extension! Good Luck to you.

  2. Mikko says:

    No way! This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen done with CSS3.

    Any change to get IE support (umm.. filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient) included?

  3. Ale Muñoz says:

    Hi Mikko!

    IE support is already included (watch the video closely : )

  4. Linus says:

    cool demo. hope to see the documentation soon. Will shadow also be supported?

  5. Ale Muñoz says:


    I plan on supporting size, fill, stroke, border radius, shadows (inner and outer) and text properties (if the selection is a text object, that is…)

  6. Linus says:

    nice…3D effects and opacity will be nice too.

  7. Michel says:

    Looks promising! Looking forward to the final public version! ;)

  8. Linus says:

    can it export multiple css3 for different objects?

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  10. Robin says:

    This looks too amazing! Will i take the instance name and the class or ID name?

  11. Pojitonov says:

    Are there any promises on release?

  12. CristianTheEvil says:


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