Orange Commands v1.6.4 – The Fast Edition™

Exactly one month after the last release, here comes another one.

Actually, there have been some private releases (thus the jump from 1.6 to 1.6.4), but none of them were worth sharing : )

So, what’s new in Orange Commands?


During the last month, I have been writing automated tests for the commands. I started reading “Test Driven JavaScript Development”, by Christian Johansen and it has really made a difference on the quality of my code.

While building the test suite for Orange Commands, I also wrote some bits of code for benchmarking the commands. Some things are quite slow, and getting to know where the time is spent when running a command gives you a very clear idea of where to start shaving seconds.

Here’s an example: one of my tests creates a new document, draws 400 rectangles, and then resizes them using the ‘Size » Width +10’ command. In v1.6 this took 94 seconds in CS3, and 146 seconds in CS5 (which also crashed very hard after running the test). Version 1.6.4 runs the same test 100 times faster, and is much less prone to crashing CS5 (though I’m still trying to pinpoint exactly why it crashes).

I have also added a nice “About Orange Commands” box:

As for the real changelog, here’s the list of changes:

  • Massive rewrite, with focus on performance (keyboard resize commands are much faster now)
  • eba55c4f95 (FIX: Support CS5’s ‘exact’ roundness in Properties » Set Rectangle Roundness in Pixels)
  • 15ec6bcee1 (Use current roundness in Set Rectangle Roundness prompt.)
  • bafac75f39 (NEW: Export » All Documents as JPG in…)
  • f51f054b81 (Add ‘(copy)’ to duplicated pages via Pages » Duplicate Current command. Also, make the duplicated page current, as that is the most probable thing you’d want to do after duplicating a page.)
  • 43f124410a (New About box)

Grab it from the Downloads section, and let me know how it works for you in the comments!

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  1. Michel says:

    I like the new “About” box — pretty stylish and slick! :)

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