Orange Commands v1.6.7 – The last release in 2010

Hi there,

fresh off the oven, Orange Commands 1.6.7 is out.

It fixes some bugs, adds some new features, and resolves a personal pet peeve with the Resize commands.

Up to now, if you selected a group and resized it, every item inside the group would resize, but the selection would turn to a multiple selection of the items inside the group. This is no longer the case. We respect your selections and will try not to change them : )

The new command (as requested by @chunwui via Twitter) swaps the position of two selected objects.

Finally, a new feature has been added to the resize commands. If you resize a text box vertically (something that did nothing in previous versions), the leading of the text is modified. It’s one of those things you never knew you needed until you try it. Leading will be increased/decreased in 1px/1% or 10px/10% steps, depending on the command you run.

Get it at the downloads section. If you ordered the Pro version, check your inbox : )

Detailed changelog

  • ad9d6d1372 (New command: Position » Swap)
  • 0148a5ed55 (New feature: vertical size commands now modify line-height when applied to text boxes)
  • ab894c3981 (FIXED: Position commands do not work properly for objects with border)
  • 8cc43296bd (Properly restore selections when you are editing groups.)
  • 3f2fdb7733 (Fix bitmap object positioning bug)
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3 Responses to Orange Commands v1.6.7 – The last release in 2010

  1. Skeku says:

    Version 1.6.7 recibida correctamente! Feliz año!

  2. Joshua says:

    Hi, Excellent work, but I have a rather annoying bug – perhaps you could help me fix it (I don’t know whether this is still being actively developed…).

    In CS5.1 on Windows7 64bit when I install the commands they work perfectly except that they somehow disable the built-in fillet points tool (which is extremely annoying). I can click it and enter a number as per usual but it makes no change to the point selected. If i disable the commands in extension manager and restart Fw the fillet points tool works fine again.

    Any ideas? Keep up the good work.

    • Ale Muñoz says:

      Could you please record a screencast of that bug? I’m trying to reproduce it but I can’t really trigger it on my side.

      Thanks in advance : )

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