Long time no see. Orange Commands 1.7 is here : )

Hot on the heels of the Fireworks CS6 announcement, I’m glad to report that Orange Commands is alive, kicking, and fully compatible with the soon-to-be-released version of our favorite tool.

Here’s the list of what has changed from the last version:

Bugs fixed in 1.7

  • Pages » Duplicate Current now works properly in Fireworks CS4 and up.
  • Respect antialias type in objects when applying Plastic effect.
  • Export bug for documents saved in a folder whose name contains the document name (i.e: Foo Bar/Foo.png)
  • Better prompts in size and position commands
  • Color » Fill Color now works with Autoshapes
  • Color » Fill Color now respects existing effects in symbols

New features and improvements in 1.7

  • Alpha » Stroke Alpha commands
  • Copy color to clipboard when using the Color commands
  • Effects » Background Rectangle, as requested by @superfetz
  • Effects » Fake Border
  • Effects » Fake Border Inside
  • Export » All Pages as PSD in
  • Export » All Pages as PNG 24 with Prefix
  • Text » Autokern Toggle
  • Grids » Baseline
  • Guides » Copy from Master Page
  • Layers » Unlock All
  • Pages » DeNumberize command
  • Pages » Go To Master Page. It acts as a toggle: run it when in a page and it takes you to the master page. Run it again in the master page, and it takes you back to the page you were in before running the command for the first time.
  • Export Settings » Set PNG 32 for All Pages
  • Text » Fix Faux Bolds

Get it at the Downloads page, and make sure to take a look at the Documentation to get an idea of what the commands can do (there’s now more than 100 commands now! :)

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3 Responses to Long time no see. Orange Commands 1.7 is here : )

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  2. Grimmur says:

    Great to hear it, installed 1.7.1 for Fireworks CS6 and every time i click on any command got error message “This command require bs.js library” . Any idea/solutions? Thanks ahead

    • Ale Muñoz says:

      Well, it looks like I didn’t test the installer for CS6 on Windows as thoroughly as I thought : )

      I’ll fix it and release a new version as soon as it’s ready.

      Thanks for reporting!

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