Orange Commands is a collection of commands for Adobe Fireworks™ that make the life of a web designer easier (or at least allow him/her to work faster :)

Orange Commands is free. Not only is it free, but it is also Open Source (in some king of homage to all of those charitable souls that have filled the world with free software we use everyday and even helps us put food on the table).

If you want to take a look at the source code, it is available at http://github.com/bomberstudios/fireworks (in case you want to make sure the commands don’t do anything evil, drink your beer or steal your girlfriend when you’re not looking)

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  2. Hi Ale,

    I have one question about the Export command slices as CSS sprite. How does it works? Could write a step by step tutorial. Thanks

  3. Great Job people! :-))) i am using it for agile developments!

  4. Nikos Papantonopoulos says:

    we need the open source software, the movement which the community of open source developers have created and which gives a whole better vision of the internet and computer applicattions. and when an open source extension is adding itself to an existing huge commercial app, this is somewhat moving. great work and thank you for making work easier for thousands of people out there.

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