Commands to change an object’s fill and stroke color. When pressing the shortcut, a color picker will appear at the mouse pointer’s position, allowing you to pick a color quite fast.

  • Canvas Color (CTRL + ALT + C)

    Set Canvas Color

  • Copy Fill Color (No shortcut)

    Copies the currently selected object’s fill color.

  • Fill Color (CTRL + C)

    Set fill color. If the selection is a group, every object inside the group will be filled with the selected color. If the selected object has a gradient fill, it will be replaced with a solid fill. If the selected object is a Symbol, a Color Effect will be applied to it.

  • Paste Fill Color (No shortcut)

    Pastes the color copied using the Copy Fill Color command to all selected objects.

  • Stroke Color (CTRL + SHIFT + C)

    Set stroke color.