Commands to create grids using guides (the commands formerly known as “Reticulator”)

  • Baseline (No shortcut)

    Creates an horizontal typographyc baseline.

  • Reticulator 950-12-10 (No shortcut)

    Creates a 950 pixels wide layout, with 12 columns and a 10 px gutter.

  • Reticulator 951-16-9 (CTRL + SHIFT + R)

    Creates a 951 pixels wide layout, with 16 columns and a 9 px gutter.

  • Reticulator Horizontal (No shortcut)

    Creates a grid using horizontal guides.

  • Reticulator (No shortcut)

    Creates a grid using vertical guides. It asks for the layout width, the number of columns, and the gutter width. If you have a selected object, the command will use its current position as the starting position of the grid, and its width as the default layout width.