Request a command!

Ever thought: “Hey, I wish Fireworks would do…?”

Here’s your chance to request a command to solve your problem. Add a comment to this page, and I’ll see what I can do.

I code Orange Commands on my spare time, and it has become some sort of sudoku-like way of exercising the mind, so don’t feel too bad about making requests. : )

BUT… as we all have limited time and resources, please make sure to use the search box on the right and browse the documentation, to see if Orange Commands already does what you want it to do (hello, Keko : )

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  1. John laPlante says:

    I’ve been using Fireworks for prototyping. One thing that is a big barrier is that I need to make wireframes even if I make a prototype and this ends up adding a lot of time to the effort. The prototypes use frames / states to show rollovers such as menus. To make the wireframe, I need to show that menu in a static PNG /JPG etc. What I’ve done often is to put things like a menu into symbol and then put that symbol in both a frame and in a distinct layer on frame one. Then I use a command to export my wireframes by hiding and showing layers, similar to layer comps in PhotoShop. Now what I’d like to do is produce a PNG by showing a list of layers and flatten that along with the contents of another frame into a PNG. The way I’ve thought of doing this is to export frame 1 and export frame x and then create a new document and merge them. Another way might be to create a temporary layer on frame 1 and copy the contents of frame x into the temporary layer on frame 1 and then export.

    If this is something you’d work on that would be cool. I’d probably benefit as much from your advice on approaching the problem. I could write the command but I’m hesitating getting started because I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the wrong approach.

  2. hex says:

    Hey very nice extension. It would be great if you could make a shortcut for modifying the properties of the eraser tool (size, edge, opacity, shape) that would be very helpful. Keep on the good work.

  3. Henriko says:

    Hey man! I’m an OK-experienced FW-newbee and the Orange Commands just makes life easier! Thanks for the work and effort!

    But this would be nice… Is it possible to auto-convert Photoshop Live Effects to FW native attributes? I have a lot of PS-files where I’d like to re-use the styles in Fireworks, but the gradients are usually embedded into PS Live Effects and therefore I have to remake them as FW Live Gradients. Can this be done command-wize? This would really be helpful.

    Thanks and keep up the sudoko ;-)


  4. Alastair says:

    A great work flow command would be to auto label all slices in a fireworks file with a prefix or suffix.

  5. Ivan says:

    In Fireworks, if I vector-mask an object that has a shadow or a glow, the shadow/glow is “tranferred” from the object to the mask. There’s no way to keep the effect on the object, apart from flattening the object and then apply the mask (but you lose the effect editability) Here’s an example of what I mean: So, I’d like a command to achieve this result…

    Thanks!!! PS: the Reflection effect saved my day!!! :-)

  6. Keith Lang says:

    Hey! Great commands, thank you A.

    Two requests from me:

    A. Implementation of multitouch trackpad zoom commands on Mac I believe this may be possible by listening to opt+F16 etc;

    B. “Wallpaper Over”

    I often find myself wanting to quickly hack an existing screenshot, by for example erasing an existing button in a menubar, titlebar in order for me to draw my own on top. Because the area surrounding the button/text is often either a solid colour, or a gradient on the vertical axis, I usually do the following:

    1) Select an area just right of the button to use as the source of the wallpaper. Select an area of chrome of the same height, but 1 pixel wide, as the button I want to wallpaper over

    1. Copy+Paste

    2. Stretch and move this piece of ‘wallpaper’ background of chrome to cover the offending button

    3. Group screenshot and new wallpaper together. tada! Button appears to be seamlessly disappeared.

    Many thanks,


    • John Dunning says:

      Hi, Keith.

      I thought I might poach one of Orange Commands’ requests. :) Here’s a command that I think does what you’re looking for:

      Select a portion of a bitmap that you want to paint over and run the command. The selection will be filled with the pixels immediately to the left of the selection. If you want to fill the selection vertically, just run the command again and it’ll switch to filling with pixels immediately below the selection. Hopefully it’ll make dealing with screenshots a little easier.

  7. Jesse says:

    One thing I wish fireworks would do: When using the scale tool, Allow me to shift the center point (click and drag the dot in the middle) and center scale (alt+corner drag) leaving the selection centered where I placed the point. Photoshop does this, but fireworks re-centers the point when you start to drag. It is a huge time saver for me in photoshop to scale without having to readjust placement each time.

  8. Keko says:

    I want to export the names of all the pages to my clipboard in plain text :) And I’ll pay you with beer.

    • Ale Muñoz says:

      Try saving this somewhere in your Commands folder:

      try {
        fw.runScript(fw.appJsCommandsDir + "/bs.js");
      } catch(e){};
      var page_list = [];
      Pages.each(function() {
  9. kcmr says:


    It would be great a command similar to Photoshop’s offset filter.

    Gracias mil!

    • Ale Muñoz says:

      I don’t use Photoshop that much lately, but from a quick check of the Offset filter it looks like you can get the same effect by running the Position » Set Position command and using math operations.

      Say you have a rectangle at 100,100 and you want an horizontal offset of 10 pixels. You’d run the Set Position command and enter “100+10,100″ as the position.

      Is this what you need?

  10. Tom says:

    Hi, A few months ago I downloaded a beta version of the commands that allowed the export of gradients as CSS3. But then I lost it when I updated (I guess) and it disappeared from your site.

    Is it still coming? Even a beta version would save me countless hours.

  11. Keko says:

    The way CS5 handle fonts is different than previous versions (at least CS3), one of the most disturbing things when you open a CS3 png with CS5 is that every single bold font is substitued with a faux bold versión of the “regular” type, instead of the “bold” type.

    I don’t know if it’s posible to check if a typo has a “bold” version and then change every fake bold with this type, but It would be great :)

    We love you BTW

    • Ale Muñoz says:

      I have no idea if that can be done, but it sure is worth taking a look at : )

      I’ll let you know if anything interesting comes out…

  12. Linus says:

    did not hear from you quite a while. Are you doing fine? Hope to see your next update.

  13. John laPlante says:

    I wrote a script named ‘All Pages as PSD in….jsf’ This uses the orange library and follows in the footsteps of scripts such as All Pages as PNG 24.jsf. It exports each Page as a PSD file. I work with a lot of folks who use PhotoShop and this generates a series of Photoshop files that I can give to them. The conversion isn’t perfect but good enough.

    I hope you could add this to Orange commands. Everytime I get a new version of your commands, I have to update it.

    /DOC Exports all pages as flattened (non editable) PNG files with a 24 bits color depth. The commands prompts you for a folder to export, and files are saved with the page names as the file names. It also changes the Optimize settings for all pages, because I hate the “GIF as default format” :) DOC/ try { fw.runScript(fw.appJsCommandsDir + “/bs.js”); } catch(e){ alert(“This command requires the bs.js library\rGet it at“); };

    var folder_name = fw.browseForFolderURL(“Choose an export folder”,null);

    Pages.each(function(){ var exportfilename = fw.getDocumentDOM().pageName; var exportfilepath = foldername + “/” + exportfilename + “.psd”; Document.exportinpsd(exportfile_path); });

    I added the following to exportinpsd: function(path){ //if (options == undefined) { // Document.setexportas_psd(); //}; fw.exportPSD(null, path);

    setexportas_psd: function(){ fw.getDocumentDOM().setExportOptions({animAutoCrop:true,animAutoDifference:true,applyScale:false,colorMode:”24 bit”,crop:false,cropBottom:0,cropLeft:0,cropRight:0,cropTop:0,ditherMode:”none”,ditherPercent:100,exportFormat:”PSD”,frameInfo:[ ],interlacedGIF:false,jpegQuality:80,jpegSelPreserveButtons:false,jpegSelPreserveText:true,jpegSelQuality:90,jpegSelQualityEnabled:false,jpegSmoothness:0,jpegSubsampling:0,localAdaptive:true,lossyGifAmount:0,macCreator:””,macFileType:””,name:”PNG 24″,numCustomEntries:0,numEntriesRequested:0,numGridEntries:6,optimized:true,paletteEntries:null,paletteInfo:null,paletteMode:”adaptive”,paletteTransparency:”none”,percentScale:100,progressiveJPEG:false,savedAnimationRepeat:0,sorting:”none”,useScale:true,webSnapAdaptive:false,webSnapTolerance:14,xSize:0,ySize:0}); },

  14. John laPlante says:

    My post didn’t come out looking exactly as I’d typed it. I can e-mail you if necessary. jelaplan at gmail

  15. Keko Ponte says:

    Dear Santa:

    Everytime I need to send pages in a certain order to a client, I manually set the names of those pages as “01name” “02name” etc… But when I duplicate a page to work in a new one, and the name is “01_name (copy)” by default, it makes me change every single name of the pages below the copy.

    Basically, It’d be great a “Add numerals to name pages” or something like that. It should check if a page name starts with a number, delete that number, and then add “01“, “02“, etc to every page name.

    • Ale Muñoz says:

      See Pages » Numberize and Pages » DeNumberize.

      Play with them, and see if they do what you need them to do, but if I understand you correctly, they will make you happy : )

      • Keko Ponte says:

        Ok, I have another one. A big big big button called “Send Request”, if I click on it, a big hand should pop out of my screen, slap me in the face and scream “Read the fucking documentation first!”

  16. Keith Lang says:

    Something I do a lot is copy out elements for the purpose of making a grid of elements; for example a grid/matrix of images in a mockup which would represent a photo picker. An extension which automated this would save me (and probably others) some time. I’ve specc’d this idea here:

  17. Keith Lang says:

    Thank you so much Ale! Your contributions to the community through your extensions makes a huge difference, and it is appreciated by us FW users!

  18. Linus says:

    Hope the color fill and paste can be supported for gradient colors and strokes.

    • Ale Muñoz says:

      I’ll see what I can do.

      I’m not sure if having the “Color » Copy Fill” command copy the stroke properties would make sense. I’d rather have different commands for fill & stroke.

  19. Keith Lang says: and

    Inspired me to use the Golden Ratio more in design. But I’m always calculating sizes manually.

    Quick idea for 2 functions: “Duplicate at Golden Ratio: Smaller” & Duplicate at Golden Ratio: Larger”

    Process: 1. Duplicate current selected element 2. Position to be exactly in centre of original 3. Resize to integer of golden ratio. For example, if original was 100 x 100, the larger function would produce 162 x 162, smaller version would produce 69 x 69. ‘s ‘geometry guides has a Golden Ratio setting, and is great for laying things out as a complement.

  20. Ola Vikholt says:

    Be able to deselect with a single letter keypress rather than having to press command+shift+a.

    • Ale Muñoz says:

      Sadly, Adobe has decided that command extensions cannot be assigned a single letter : (

    • John laPlante says:

      Accessing commands is one of the most challenging aspects of these tools. Between the list of hundreds of commands that I have and the various Flash panels, I often overlook useful command simply because I can remember only so many keyboard shortcuts and tolerate only so many panels being open. John Dunning did make a nice panel in this regard that allows you to pick favorites from a full list.

  21. Andy Steele says:

    great stuff! Im currently creating some interaction flows with pages. It would be great to be able to export a TOC for a PDF using the page names. TOC would be auto exported as Page One in the multi page PDF with the Document name being the Title…it would need to be clickable.


    • Ale Muñoz says:

      Sounds like a cool challenge.

      I’m not sure I can tap into the export feature to create the page on export, so probably the command would create a new page in the document, create the TOC, and then export the document.

      We could leave the page there after export, adding an “Update TOC” command, or just delete it after export.

      I’ll check if it can be done, and I’ll let you know. By now, I’ve created a new issue in the code site:

  22. Chad T says:

    I’d love a command that duplicates a state correctly. For the last few builds, any symbols within a state aren’t copied into the new duplicate. I duplicate states at least a dozen times a day, so it’s a huge inconvenience to hunt down the missing symbols and then manually copy them.

    • Ale Muñoz says:

      Hi Chad!

      Although I don’t use states a lot, I’ve been able to reproduce the bug you describe and will take a look at it.

      If I happen to crack it, do you have any preference for where the command should be located on the menus?

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